Da Ponzan a Vancouver

  • 11, 4, 2003 \\\
  • tutti a casa

    Fioi de Ernesto e Luigia Piovesan: i nove “Pitoni”, circa 1963.

    This foto of my father’s family was taken in Ponzano in 1976, in a local trattoria. One brother is missing, my uncle Olivo.  Everyone was back in Ponzano for my Nona’s funeral. My zio Olivo was unable to make it back home as he was at sea.  Two zie  are still living in Ponzano, Maria and Gemma. Gemma had lived for awhile in Kenya.  She now is back in Ponzano Veneto.  Standing L to R: Elenora, Gino, Gemma, Maria, Aldo (me pare), and Luigi. Sitting are the twins: Adriano and Milena. Che bei tempi.